Craft Amazing Cocktails and Become the Life of the Party

Learn the Fundamentals of Mixology and 15 Classic Just 12 Days

Learning mixology isn’t about life or death.

It’s not going to save you if you’re getting pursued by a hungry bear in the wilderness. It won’t provide a softer landing when you’re skydiving and your 'chute doesn’t open.

No, learning about cocktails is not about survival. It’s about living richly.

Savvy Men Realize Drinking Well is
About the Journey, Not the Destination

There’s a reason that so many successful business deals and love affairs start over drinks.

It’s because sharing a drink together isn’t about drinking, it’s about sharing a moment. Stopping for a second to appreciate your surroundings…to listen to the ice clink in your glass…to give your full undivided attention to someone for a few precious minutes.

When you invest in learning more about cocktails, you’re not just learning a technical skill. It becomes a social bridge. Not only do you gain the ability to create cocktails on your own, but it gives you a new way to connect with other people.

Learning the craft of making and enjoying cocktails forces you to slow down and appreciate the details…the journey.

And frankly, when you know more about drinks, it just makes you a more interesting person to hang out with…



Part of the Gentlemen: Look Good, Live Well series

A Step-by-Step Video Course that Teaches You the Essentials of Mixology

  • Learn how to make classic cocktails every gentleman should know
  • Learn core ratios and techniques for making great cocktails on the fly
  • Develop your palate and improve your ability to evaluate the components of a cocktail
  • Discover how to make great drinks that will impress any woman
  • Find out the essential tools and ingredients to build your own home bar…without spending a fortune
  • Learn how to handle yourself in a bar and the best way to talk to bartenders
  • Expand your knowledge of how to taste wine, and learn pro tips on how to order it in a restaurant

My Approach to Learning About Cocktails

Kyle Ingham Headshot 300

Hi, my name is Kyle Ingham, and I run a website called The Distilled Man, which features articles and videos on essential "gentlemanly" skills every man should know.

I’m the author of an ebook called 48-Hour Gentleman: Your One-Weekend Plan to More Confidence, Poise, and Manly Know-How. I’m also a regular contributor to men's lifestyle blogs and podcasts. 

Being a well-rounded gentleman involves many skills, but I've always been passionate about cocktails. I’ve spent years researching cocktails and talking to mixologists…and well, I’ve probably consumed more than my fair share of drinks. 

But I also approach drinks in a different way: I don’t get hung up on specific liquor brands or fancy gear. For me, the best approach is to go beyond recipes to understand the fundamental concepts behind making great cocktails. And that's exactly what we cover in the course.

A Peek Inside the Cocktail Course

Day 1: Brief History of Distilled Spirits

  • The basics of fermentation and distillation
  • The common traits that give alcohol its character

Day 2: Major Types of Liquor

  • Different characteristics of liquor to be mindful of
  • An overview of the major types of liquor
  • Important non-alcoholic ingredients for cocktail craft

Day 3: Cocktails: An Introduction

  • How cocktails came to be, and how mixology has evolved over time
  • The key to making great cocktails
  • A survey of the major cocktail families, plus helpful ratios to remember

Day 4: Stocking Up

  • The essential equipment you need to stock your own home bar
  • Fundamental types of liquor and mixers you’ll need
  • Benefits of having your own bar and making drinks at home

Day 5: Let’s Make Some Cocktails

  • Hands-on tutorials for how to make 15 classic cocktails, including step-by-step video and recipes

Day 6: Evaluating Cocktails

  • The 3 step process for tasting a drink
  • Understanding complex flavor profiles
  • The dimensions you can use to evaluate a cocktail

Day 7: Mixing Tips and Techniques

  • How to stir like a pro
  • When to shake and when to stir
  • Easy garnishes that will impress anyone

Day 8: How to Plan a Cocktail Party

  • Key questions to ask when planning a cocktail event
  • The logistical checklist to ensure everything goes smoothly
  • Tips for making your cocktail party memorable and a huge success

Day 9: How to Please a Woman (With Cocktails)

  • 3 drinks that women absolutely love, and why
  • The (not so) obvious tricks for ensuring she loves the drink you make her

Day 10: Drinking Out Like a Pro

  • Basic bar etiquette, and how to bond with your bartender
  • Tips on how to the best possible experience no matter what kind of bar you’re in

Day 11: Cocktail Party Etiquette & Savoir Faire

  • Proper attire and behavior
  • How to keep your cool and be the life of the party
  • The art of the “mingle”

Day 12: How to Taste Wine

  • How sommeliers are trained to taste wine
  • The different dimensions of wine flavors
  • Classic varietals every man should try and know

Day 13: How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

  • The ceremony and importance of ordering wine
  • Tips on how to talk to your sommelier or waiter
  • A crash course on food and wine pairing, plus classic pairings

Feedback on the "Gentlemen: Look Good, Live Well" Series:

"Gentlemen Look Good Live Well" is a great way to teach yourself skills of the modern man. I've been using this course for over two months now and I have been able to implement many of the tips into my everyday life. As a result of taking the course, I have been able to arm myself with many traits that give me confidence and an edge in social and private settings. From style to mixology, I've learned countless skills of becoming a modern man. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking to up their game in becoming the modern man.

–Adam Jessup |  Castro Valley, California

"Kyle has brought together several well known experts and offers a gold mine of information on style, cooking, and cocktails that every man can benefit from!"

–Mark Kitchin | Washington, DC

"I’ve always enjoyed self improvement, learning fun skills and knowledge. But I found this course on a whole other level—all practical and useful skills for how to be a better and well-rounded man. I love the grilling lessons, I've already gotten compliments on my grilled steak and veggies! That classy, sharp-looking, talented version of yourself who’s living the dream? It starts here!"

–Pat Stapleton | Sidney, Australia

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  • In-depth video interviews with 4 mixology and wine experts sharing their candid insights and tips on drinking well.
  • Helpful downloads: “Cheat-sheet” summaries of each lesson, recipes for 15 drinks, and handy checklists to help you get the most out of the course in your everyday life.
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60 day money back guaranteeThis is a completely no-risk, no-regret purchase. If you're not satisfied with the course for any reason, I've got a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means you can test drive ALL the content for up to 2 months. During that time if you don't see real improvements in your life from using the course, shoot me an email and I'll give you a full refund.

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