Learn How to Dominate the Grill and Conquer the Kitchen

Be Hero at Your Next Barbecue...AND Craft Tasty Dishes at Home

A real man can hold is own when it comes to cooking. Not only does he know his way around a grill, but he’s not afraid to “whip up something” in the kitchen when duty calls…

No matter how old you are, knowing the fundamentals of how to prepare good food from scratch goes a long way to strengthen your relationships and boost your enjoyment in life.

Being Able to Cook Creates a Positive
Multiplier Effect in Your Life

Think about it: how do we usually connect with people? By “breaking bread”—having a meal together.

Whether you’re with friends, family or a romantic interest, you increase your value ten-fold when you know how to prepare a meal for them.

You’re not just a passive participant. You’re a provider.

And if you think being in the kitchen makes you unmanly, you’re wrong. You’ve clearly never put on an apron and made dinner for a date at your apartment. Let’s just say that calling it “lady kryptonite” would be putting it mildly...

Some Guys Think Cooking is All About
Fancy Gadgets and Expensive Ingredients

A lot of men have misconceptions about cooking.

First, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met guys who think they are “naturally gifted” when it comes to grilling. 95% of the time, they’re totally wrong and don’t even realize it.

These are the same guys who get distracted by the shiny new thing: the new piece of cooking or grilling gear, the $3000 grill or the laser-guided spatula, or the fancy mushrooms imported from the rain forest...

Guess what? Usually their food suffers as a result. Because they never bothered to learn the fundamentals of cooking.


The Distilled Man COOKING MODULE

Part of the Gentlemen: Look Good, Live Well series

A Step-by-Step Video Course that Teaches You the Fundamentals of Grilling and Cooking

  • Learn fundamental techniques for improving your grilling and cooking
  • Learn to grill essential dishes like burgers, steaks, salmon, veggies, and even fruit
  • Learn to cook simple recipes every man should know, like pulled pork, roast chicken, chili, beef stew, and even core breakfast items
  • Get a crash course in the fundamentals of handling coals and fire
  • Develop your feel for controlling heat and meat temperatures
  • Discover the essential gear you need to have for your grill and in your kitchen
  • Understand how to easily make healthy food from scratch at home

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My Approach to Learning About Cooking

Kyle Ingham Headshot 300

Hi, my name is Kyle Ingham, and I run a website called The Distilled Man, which features articles and videos on essential "gentlemanly" skills every man should know.

I’m the author of an ebook called 48-Hour Gentleman: Your One-Weekend Plan to More Confidence, Poise, and Manly Know-How. I’m also a regular contributor to men's lifestyle blogs and podcasts. 

Being a well-rounded gentleman involves many skills, but I've always been passionate about grilling and cooking. My approach is all about simplicity. I don’t believe it’s critical to use expensive gear or fancy ingredients. The best food comes from when you’ve got a few simple ingredients with a minimal amount of seasonings. That's when your mastery of a few basic elements (heat, salt and moisture) can really make food shine.

As I designed this course, I wanted to provide an overview of the fundamental techniques and recipes every man should know. If you’re a trained chef, this isn’t the right course for you. But if you’re an everyday guy who wants to cook better, this is a great place to start.

A Peek Inside the Cooking Course

Part I: Manning the Grill

Lesson 1: Grilling Background

  • Why every man should know how to grill
  • The difference between grilling and barbecue

Lesson 2: Grills and Grilling Tools

  • An overview of different models of charcoal grills
  • The checklist of essential grilling tools every man needs

Lesson 3: Organization and Prep

  • How to use planning and preparation to make your barbecue go smoother
  • Tips on what to pre-prep for efficiency and food safety

Lesson 4: Mastering Grilling Basics

  • Basic tips and tricks for getting the coals going
  • 3 ways to control and gauge heat on a grill
  • How to test meat for doneness

Lesson 5: Core Grilling Recipes

  • Step by step video tutorials showing you how to grill essential dishes like burgers, chicken, salmon, steak, veggies, and more

Lesson 6: Understanding Meat

  • A very brief overview of the different cuts and quality rating system for beef

Lesson 7: Getting the Most from Your Butcher

  • Why you might want to get meat from a butcher instead of a supermarket
  • Tips on getting the most out of your butcher shop experience

Part II: Manning the Kitchen

Lesson 8: Kitchen Prep & Fundamentals

  • Preparation and food safety in the kitchen
  • Basic knife skills and different cuts explained
  • Essential cooking equipment you need in your kitchen

Lesson 9: Core Kitchen Recipes

  • Step by step video tutorials showing you how to cook a variety of dishes like roast chicken, steak, pulled pork, braised cabbage, and more

Lesson 10: Breakfast Essentials

  • Step by step video tutorials on how to cook basic go-to breakfast dishes

Lesson 11: Grocery Shopping and Food Management

  • Tips on meal planning and how to shop efficiently
  • How to avoid wasting food: the best dishes for cleaning out your fridge

Lesson 12: Cooking for a Date

  • Ideal meals and key considerations for when you cook for a date
  • Tips on how to have the best overall experience

Lesson 13: Restaurant Etiquette

  • Basic restaurant etiquette do’s and don’ts
  • How the way you treat servers reveals your true personality
  • Tipping guidelines

Feedback on the "Gentlemen: Look Good, Live Well" Series:

"I’ve always enjoyed self improvement, learning fun skills and knowledge. But I found this course on a whole other level—all practical and useful skills for how to be a better and well-rounded man. I love the grilling lessons, I've already gotten compliments on my grilled steak and veggies! That classy, sharp-looking, talented version of yourself who’s living the dream? It starts here!"

–Pat Stapleton | Sidney, Australia

"Kyle has brought together several well known experts and offers a gold mine of information on style, cooking, and cocktails that every man can benefit from!"

–Mark Kitchin | Washington, DC

"Gentlemen Look Good Live Well" is a great way to teach yourself skills of the modern man. I've been using this course for over two months now and I have been able to implement many of the tips into my everyday life. As a result of taking the course, I have been able to arm myself with many traits that give me confidence and an edge in social and private settings. From style to mixology, I've learned countless skills of becoming a modern man. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking to up their game in becoming the modern man.

–Adam Jessup |  Castro Valley, California

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  • In-depth video interviews with 4 experts from the food and dining fields

  • Helpful downloads: “Cheat-sheet” summaries of each lesson, handy checklists, plus recipes for all the recipes featured in the video tutorials
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